The Museum is home to an extensive research library that is open to the public. The archaeological collections include tens of thousands of artifacts from Antigua’s historical and archaeological sites, as well as comparative collections from throughout the Caribbean region. The library’s collections largely focus on the Antiguan historical period. They include of books, monographs (some unpublished), maps, and hundreds of photographs. Our librarian is available to help you find what you are looking for.


This extensive annotated bibliography is the only comprehensive reference book available for locating published information on Antigua and Barbuda. It includes annotations and evaluative information for each entry. It is organized by subject areas, such as geography, geology, flora and fauna, archaeology, history, etc. It is up to date as of 1995:
Riva Berleant-Schiller and Susan Lowes, Antigua and Barbuda: An Annotated Critical Bibliography, 1995



We are also building a set of links to other museums and online resources relating to Antigua and Barbuda.


Links to databases on Antigua/Barbuda history
These links are to databases of slave compensation records, monumental headstone inscriptions, slave owners, and a database of the Atlantic slave trade.


Links to digital versions of older printed works
Many older works, including Vere Langford Oliver’s History of the island of Antigua, Mrs. Lanaghan’s Antigua and the Antiguans, and some of the travelers’ accounts from the 1830s, are now available digitally.


Links to image and film archives
There are a few collections of historical images available digitally.


For many years, Desmond Nicholson maintained the Museum’s website. Two of his research pages are included here in their original format:
Maps and Documents in the Antigua and Barbuda and Dockyard Museums
Index to Antigua and Barbuda Historical and Archaeological Society Newsletters to 2003
In addition, Desmond collected a huge amount of material about Antigua and Barbuda. These pages have been included here, in their original format:
Desmond Nicholson’s Pages